Do you know what the difference between a strategy, a tactic, or a plan is? Really?

Most marketing and business professionals should know this difference, however, it is surprising how many people still get the concepts confused. Generally, this can happen because they don’t have them clearly defined so one term can become a synonym for another in the context of that organisation.

As such, let’s jump into what these three things are and how they work together. We’ll also pull in a few more concepts along the way.

Quick author note: there are countless resources out there that go…

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Many incident-driven businesses shouldn’t exist. At least, in a perfect world.

However, we don’t live in a perfect world. Accidents happen. People happen. Shit happens.

Most of the marketing literature out there emphasise the demand side of the equation; things like changing behaviour towards your product/service, like the cigarette industry claim to do, or by generating new demand, such as the diamond engagement ring or the whole concept of consumerism at Christmas time. But when creating new demand is not an ethical or legal line to be crossed, information becomes decidedly more scarce.

After around eight years of working at…

Sam Wiltshire

Digital marketer with an interest in tech, rugby, cocktails, and music festivals.

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